What Showgoers Always Seem to Forget Is Really Annoying

I absolutely love attending performances – from movies at the theater, to stand-up comedy shows at the local club, underground music events and major concerts. Isn’t it a fun way to spend a day or an evening out with friends or your significant other? Live shows are a form of entertainment that offer something for everyone, with cool interactions with the performers, plus, they offer that special “I was there” sense. But there are always little annoying things than sometimes render the experience less than perfect.


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Being short

If your genetic inheritance is anything like mine, you would relate; people with a smaller stature find it challenging to enjoy a live show when someone twice their height is situated in front of them. I, for one, have to make sure that I was at the very front if I want to see anything at all. When booking a seated event, I always buy a ticket in the front row to avoid those bobbing heads blocking my view. And when I’m attending a standing concert, you’ll find me at the very first spot of the queue, hours before the doors open, just so I can land a spot hugging the precious barriers. And it is always a pleasant surprise when the venue ground has a slope, because then even if I’m not lucky enough to catch a front row location, I can still see what is happening on the stage.


You never know when nature will call, and sometimes – when it’s a full day festival, or simply a warm day – it’s almost impossible to avoid eating and drinking at the venue. However, venue toilets are a huge mystery, and one always treads with caution as they decide whether or not to venture the infamous toilet area. Not only are the queues usually long and frustrating, but predominantly, one always hopes that the organizers have invested in clean and eco event toilets. It’s true what they say, things that bring happiness are mostly little things that come for free; so you can imagine my excitement when I arrive at the dreaded toilets to find a shiny, eco-friendly stall where I can be at ease.

Crying babies

Just like being on a plane, there is always that impending fear of someone bringing a baby to the show. Not only is it sad to hear, but it can ruin the entire experience for everyone within a hearing radius of the little one – including the parents themselves. Some shows are not for everyone, and although I know how hard it may be for parents sometimes to get help or find a babysitter, I think planning ahead should be at the top of every parent’s priority list. It’s always great when the venue offers a babysitting service for parents to be able to enjoy the show, but if that’s not available, it would be great if once they booked their ticket they also book a babysitter right away and not wait until the last minute.

Concert and Showgoers

Little annoying things happen everywhere, but they shouldn’t stop us from enjoying the various arts presented live at our local venues. What we can do, though, is get in touch with event organizers and let our voices be heard! Maybe you want a slope at the venue; an age limitation at the entrance; or simply, nice toilets! Most organizers have Facebook pages and email addresses, and dropping them a line with some useful feedback can go a long way.