How To Improve Energy Efficiency At Home Easy

Are you spending so much money on energy in your home and want to save more energy? Well you can! The first thing you need to do is do an energy assessment to know where you can potentially save big on energy. You will then be able to make the best and most informed decisions on what to do to save energy. Let us look at how you can improve energy efficiency at home easy.

how to improve energy efficiency at home easy


1. Seal up the building envelope

This reduces air leakage and therefore saves energy. You lose heat through gaps in the windows, floor, chimney and door. You can use foam window seal on the windows and a rubber strip for the door that you attach to the bottom of your door so that cold air can’t get in.

2. Use a fan and an AC at the same time when it’s cold

During the cold season, flip the switch on your fan so that it moves counter clockwise. This allows the fan to circulate warm air in the room. If the fan runs at the same time with your AC, it will save you a lot of energy since a fan uses 60 watts per hour yet an AC uses around 3500 watts. It will therefore cost you so much less when you use your AC in conjunction with a ceiling fan.

3. Reduce the number of degrees that are heating your house

The average home that uses gas to heat a home is heated at 70-72 degrees. You can lower the heating on your thermostat so that it’s about 68 degrees. Your body can’t notice this heat reduction by 4 degrees. However you will save 40 dollars a month because each degree of heat is charged 10 dollars.

Energy efficient at home easy


4. Leave your basement door open

If you have a basement, leave the basement door open. This is because hot air rises. If you leave your basement door closed, you’ll be locking all that hot air in your basement because it’s harder for it to rise through the ceiling.

5. Adjust the thermostat on your boiler from very hot to medium

The newer boilers have a thermostat attached to them. If the thermostat is set at very hot it means that the water heater will keep your water to be very hot for when you need it even if you are not using it the moment. Improve the energy efficiency of your home by investing in a smart thermostat that is more accurate. A smart thermostat also self adjusts itself to the optimum level required to save more energy.

6. Install energy saving blinds

They are a bit pricey but installing them on your windows will go a long way in saving energy consumption in your home.

With these tips, you can save the energy you use by up to 50 percent. This means you save more money on your utility bill. To save even more, you can install solar panels and harvest energy from the sun. The best thing about solar energy is that it’s free to use so you’ll spend less money on utility bills.