How To Ensure Your Refrigerated Transport Service Is The Right One

It is estimated that the Australian food industry is worth more than $100 billion per year. That’s a lot of food being moved across the country every day. In most cases, the only way to move this type of food is via reputable refrigerated couriers. This maximizes the life of the food and enables manufacturers to sell their products in a variety of locations, ensuring they can generate a profit.

But, with the refrigerated courier being such an important part of this process, how can you be certain that you have chosen the right one?


They Observe Good Practice

Good practice in the refrigerated transport business means having well-maintained trucks and reliable monitoring systems. When systems are looked after they are less likely to break. A quality courier will have the ability to regulate and monitor the temperature inside each vehicle. They will also have a backup plan to help if the truck breaks down and the goods need to be transferred.

Separate compartments are also a good idea as this reduces the risk of different types of food going bad. Separate compartments allow a greater level of control over temperature and help to protect against break down issues.


They Have A Great Reputation

If you are looking for a refrigerated transport provider then you need to check their reputation. Even if you have a supplier it is worth periodically checking them out. The easiest way to do this is to look on social media and online forums. You will find plenty of opinions regarding specific refrigerated transport companies.

It can help you to make up your mind. Of course, there will be some negative comments online. Most of them should be positive and the negative ones will give you an insight into how the courier handles the issues.


Clean Vehicles

Clean vehicles show a pride in their business and an understanding that a clean vehicle makes a difference to the products they are carrying.

Any food residue left in a truck can be contaminated with bacteria which can then attach themselves to your product, ruining it. That’s why the truck should be clean when it arrives to collect your goods.

In addition, you should check what cleaning chemicals are used to clean the truck. Some chemicals leave behind a residue that can stick to food and then be consumed by your customers. The residue can be dangerous to health.



It can be difficult to keep up with the ever-changing refrigerated transport regulations. However, it is important that your transport company is aware of any changes in the regulations and makes sure they comply with everything properly

You may wish to stay abreast of the regulations yourself to help ensure they are being followed properly.


Final Thoughts

If you are considering a refrigerated transport supplier and are not sure whether to commit or not then you should avoid them and look for a different one. When you find the right refrigerated transport system you will know it is the right one and be able to use it with confidence.