Console Energy Center: What Goes Down Downtown?

The Consol Energy Center

Console Energy Center: What Goes Down Downtown? - -

The Consol Energy Center is a well-known arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that was completed in August of 2010. Since then it has been home to the Pittsburgh Penguins, a hockey franchise for the city. Before construction, the Mellon Arena was in the Center’s place, but this changed within the last few years. The arena itself is used for a number of different purposes and has been voted as one of the best arenas in the world. As a result, businesses from all over the world are looking to host their conventions here. Its prime location also makes it a great place to host events.



There is a wide range of different events that are hosted at the Consol Energy Center. The arena is used as a sports arena, especially for hockey games. The arena’s website offers a range of different choices for those who are looking to visit Pittsburgh. Concerts are also frequently held in the arena. At present names such acts as Bruno Mars and One Direction are playing. Even older names such as Muse and the Eagles are staging their concerts here. For those who are interested, all you need to do is go onto the website and book your tickets.

For sports fans, there are plenty of sporting events that are hosted at the arena on a regular basis. There is a long list of upcoming games. These include the Penguins versus the Chicago Blackhawks as well as the Penguins versus the Columbus Blue Jackets. In 2014 the USA Gymnastics Championships are also going to be held at the arena.

Corporate events are also hosted at the arena if you want to book them. With a strong culinary team available, events can be made all the more special. The arena is also available for galas, personal receptions and fundraisers.



Events at the Console Energy Center are going to draw in a large crowd from all over the country, and even the entire world. As a result, there is a huge choice available when it comes to finding accommodation. Downtown Pittsburgh, often known as the “Golden Triangle” is a great part of the city to set yourself up in if you decide to head off to an event at the arena. As the Central Business District of the city, it offers a wide range of different attractions for those who are visiting the city. These include Point State Park, the Cultural District and more. When you are booking a hotel, make sure to book early. You want to make sure that you get accommodation in one of the busiest and most bustling parts of the city. It will allow you to be at the center of action.

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