Eco-Friendly Tips to Maintain Your Trees

If you have a newly planted tree you might be wondering how to care for it in an environmentally safe way.  Well, it’s not all that complicated as Canopy Tree Surgery would tell you. Things can actually get more expensive and confusing when you involve chemicals and fail to use the things nature has provided.  That’s the good thing about doing things in an environmentally safe manner, it also benefits you financially.  Here are some tips on how maintain your trees in an eco-friendly manner:


Mulch is essential for the enduring health of a newly planted tree so you can avoid having to call for Canopy Tree felling Sydney in the future.  This is because mulch insulates the soil acting as a buffer to protect the tree and its roots from the heat and cold.  In it’s own way it’s sort of like wrapping your tree in a blanket that can regulate its own temperature.  Mulch also retains water keeping the roots moist.  And something all gardeners appreciate, mulch prevents weeds from popping up.  Plus it keeps the soil from compacting and reduces damage from lawn mowers to the trunk of the tree.  The last thing about mulch is that it’s also environmentally safe.  Who could ask for more?


Many people wonder just how much they should be watering their trees and when.  Well not giving your tree enough water is certainly harmful, but too much water is also bad.  Over-watering trees is a mistake nearly everyone makes.  Trees can become sick from too much water just like they can from too little. Keep in mind that moist isn’t the same as soggy, and you can find out if your tree’s soil is moist by touching it. 

About 30 seconds of water in a steady stream from the garden hose is enough for tree seedlings.  Don’t forget to mulch, as mulching helps keep moisture in the soil.

Once  your tree has been in your yard for two years you won’t have to worry about proper watering so much because the roots will have established themselves.  Having the right type of root structure will enable your tree to handle a bigger range of water conditions without you’re having to water it daily.  It will be able to withstand days without rain and in the hot sun perfectly fine on its own, and you won’t end up having to call for Canopy Tree felling Sydney.  This will save water and thus help both you and the environment.


Tree pruning must be done off and on for the life of your tree, but you don’t have to call for Canopy Tree Surgery.   For a young tree that has recently been planted, early pruning is essential so that they will grow healthy and strong.  For all of your trees remember that pruning correctly will not only save you money, but give you a safer and more attractive tree.  And every tree provides more oxygen for the environment the healthier it is.  See, it pays off in the end because the better you treat your trees the better they will treat you in return.

Biography:  Jake Hyet is considered an expert on anything pertaining to trees and their care.  He worked at Canopy Tree surgery and Canopy Tree Felling Sydney for many years and writes often on the topic.