Who Really Uses Their Home As A Rehab?

Most substance abusers, with severe addiction, are often confined in an inpatient residential setting as they receive treatment. This is deliberately done to help properly manage detoxification and withdrawal symptoms. Much as such a program might be aimed at helping the patient recover fully, it can be downright costly and may grossly interfere with his/her normal responsibilities and work schedule.

Who Really Uses Their Home As A Rehab? - - BioNotizie.com

So then, is there a way one can undergo rehabilitation treatment from the comfort of their home? Yes, there are actually a number of innovative addiction recovery programs that can facilitate that. Such outpatient rehab treatment programs may cover addiction to substances such as heroin, oxycodone, cocaine, alcohol, nicotine and even prescription painkillers.

Who should consider using their home as a rehab?

A home rehab program is, first and foremost, perfect for anyone who wants 100 percent privacy for their heroine or alcohol addiction treatment or any other drug for that matter. It is also a great option for those that would want to stay close to the family in order to get the much needed support, avoid distractions and/or triggers that can negatively impact the impact the recovery.


An outpatient home-based recovery program can further be a great choice for anyone that:


  • Is mildly addicted and wants confidentiality during their recovery process
  • Needs personalized counseling and/or intensive care from an addiction recovery professional
  • Wants to generally save more money on a rehab program

How an outpatient rehab works

With outpatient or home-based rehab treatments, patients undergo several treatment sessions, which can be scheduled throughout the week. A counselor in this case, comes to a patient’s home, identifies the pitfalls or challenges unique to their addiction situation and provides local solutions to the problem. This gives the addicted person an opportunity to recover in a familiar environment, unlike in conventional rehabs, where patients revert to their old ways’ when discharged prematurely.

Who Really Uses Their Home As A Rehab? - - BioNotizie.com

Home rehab programs come in different formats, depending on the level of the patient’s addiction and the services required as part of treatment. However, the general focus is on the following aspects:


  • Counseling
  • Education
  • Network support

What benefits does out a home-based rehab program offer?

Outpatient recovery programs or home rehabs usually provide an ideal treatment for patients with mild to moderate addictions. Aside from being highly accessible, they tend to be more flexible compared to inpatient programs. Though the following are the main benefits you can expect from home rehabs.

Greater affordability

Since you’ll be living at home during the outpatient addiction treatment, you don’t have to worry about paying any lodging fees and/or incurring other unnecessary costs. This means you will save more even as you get the proper treatment that will help you recover fully.

Reduced chance of relapse

Most of the conventional outpatient rehab programs are usually less effective for those with a history of relapses or severe addictions. But with residential treatment, an individual can enjoy better recovery because there’s less exposure to drugs and/or alcohol. They’ll also have a full-time support staff with them, so the entire program comes out as effective.

A healthy home environment

Being at home and in an environment you understand is critical in attaining full recovery from addiction. That not only puts you close to the people you love (for care and support) but also provides a living situation that makes your journey towards sobriety quite seamless.

Unmatched flexibility

Home rehab programs are created with your daily schedule in mind. That means those who would want to report to work and/or spend more time with family can do so without going through much hassle. It’s a perfect balancing act.

Who Really Uses Their Home As A Rehab? - - BioNotizie.com

Making a decision on which rehabilitation program is best suited for your addiction problem can be difficult. But if you find inpatient rehab treatment not-so favorable to you in terms of finances and recovery prospects, then the best option to go for would be home-based recovery program. With a full-time support staff, a loving family and a friendly living environment, you can make significant strides, one at a time, till you achieve full recovery.