Prevalence of Sports Drinks Can Lead To Cavities

When you’re young you don’t think much about cavities, it’s something that affects older people.

Unfortunately, as you age and start to have problems with your teeth you realize that it’s not an age issue, many teeth problems can actually be directly connected with your diet.

In fact, you may also be interested to note that recent research has found many links between your oral health and your overall health. It pays to look after your teeth.

If you’re serious about looking after your teeth and your health then you need to start seeing a reputable holistic dentist on a regular basis. Holistic dentistry looks at the health of the whole body n conjunction with teeth and oral health. It is generally considered a much better way to deal with teeth issues.

The Issue With Sports Drinks

You already know that a high sugar diet increases the chances of tooth decay and obesity. Sugar reacts with bacteria in your mouth and creates an acid, this attacks the enamel on your teeth and gradually eats it away. The result is weakened teeth, the insides of your teeth can then be attacked, causing cavities.

It takes a little time for the bacteria and sugar to produce the acid, this is why dentists recommend you avoid snacking and brush regularly, to remove the issue. However, brushing is not 100% effective and there can be just as much sugar in drinks as there is in food.

This is often overlooked.

In fact, sports drinks are one of the worst offenders. They are often packaged as providing an energy boost prior to completing an activity. Unfortunately, the energy boost is simply a large amount of sugar.

Sugar is used by the body to power muscles and organs, you’ll get a rush of energy after absorbing a large quantity of sugar, hence the name of the drinks.

However, what they don’t tell you is that the excess sugar, which you don’t burn, will be converted to fat and stored. In addition, some of the sugar will stay coated to your teeth, causing the decay mentioned above.

The more you use energy drinks the greater your likelihood of both obesity and cavities!

But, that’s not all. Sugar is also addictive. That’s why sugar and sweeteners are in so many products, to make you want to eat them again and again!

In short, this creates a vicious cycle that encourages you to consume energy drinks even if you don’t need the extra energy. The result of excess consumption is obesity and cavities, that’s not a desirable outcome.

Energy Drinks For Sport

Your body burns glucose, (sugar), for fuel. In most instances, you have enough of this in your body already and you have fat stores to back your needs up.

However, if you’re exercising for an extended period of time or at a particularly high-level, the sugar provided in an energy drink may be beneficial. In all other instances, it is simply clever marketing and will not actually benefit your health. Consider that when you reach for your next energy drink.