How to Tell if a Steroid is Legal or Not

“Legal Steroids” is a term used in body-building for supplements that mimic the effects of illegal steroids but don’t fall into that category. They are used to help in workouts and improve performance and muscle recovery. It is important to identify Legal Steroids from the illegal ones so that you can avoid its adverse side effects that are common from using those types of products. Legal Steroids are backed by science and their efficacy and safety are prime factors why they’re very popular among bodybuilders and athletes today. Unlike illegal steroids that mess up your hormone levels to give you the gain that you need, legal steroids act as a supplement to allow your body to get the maximum results from your program.

They Are USFDA / FDA Approved

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) oversees supplements that are coming out into the market. Using synthetic or artificial components, then adding them to the natural-occurring hormones in the body to produce muscle gains, are tagged as a “controlled substance” by the FDA and are not be available over the counter. Legal steroids, on the other hand, use natural ingredients approved by the FDA and formulate them to supplement development naturally without causing any harm to the body. The term “legal” is used only because the FDA deems these products to be safe for consumption without a medical prescription. Steroids, in general, are technically legal but most of them are only to be used for therapeutic purposes under the guidance of a medical professional.

They Have Natural Ingredients

As mentioned, legal steroids only use natural ingredients to promote development in the body that is why it can pass the guidelines of the FDA. They are the primary factor as to how a steroid gains its “legal” status. These products do not contain hormones to promote growth, rather they have components that aid in the production of hormones. The increased bioavailability allows the body to absorb the active ingredients to produce testosterone and other functions that these products specialize in. 


They Are Safe Alternatives

There is no question that illegal steroids like Androgenic or Anabolic steroids, have tremendous results in a short period. But Mark from warns that although illegal steroids have anecdotal reports and proven results, the side effects it has is not something you can shrug off. This is why safer alternatives such as legal steroids are gaining popularity because people are now aware of its benefits and the absence of the dreaded side effects. We say safe alternatives because legal steroids act as equivalents to their harmful counterparts. One example is the infamous dianabol, this orally administered steroid was first of its kind. It delivers tremendous muscle gains and is effective for fat loss, but it also has a list of highly-undesirable side effects. But when you consider muscle growth, the main component of the protein used is – Nitrogen. D-Bal, a safe alternative equivalent to Dianabol, works by retaining nitrogen in the muscles and promotes the production of testosterone naturally.

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How to tell if a steroid is legal or not, is all in the labels. Legal steroids pride themselves from being FDA approved and using natural ingredients all the while providing their users with the results that they need. If you’re considering taking the next step in your physical development, make sure you do your research and only use products that are not only effective but safe as well.