Autohome Roof Top Tent – Made in Italy lifestyle philosophy

Autohome car roof top tents have been the travel companion for explorers,’ adventurers, as well as travellers all over the globe for more than sixty years. The unusual perception of that era, based on the recently innovated huge car-tourism market, recognized a sense of choice as well as independence and proposed the most excellent probable comfort as the foundation of its good merit success in the global market.



Overcamp is an advanced roof top tent. It has beautiful design and colours; it is comforting sturdy waterproof fabric with a smooth outer structure. It has several of the great and noticeable features of Overcamp. It is an ideal top roof tent, best for any camping. This roof tent is compact, and thus, it can be simple and automatically open until the foot of the ladder taps the ground. There are no tie-rods, ropes, pegs, or hammers needed as it is with all Autohome roof tents and not forgetting the safety as well as the comfort that just a roof tent is capable of providing.

Overcamp has an extra storage capacity that allows you to carry your equipment without difficulties. The tent has a unique Double-up system that gives you double the usual living room by fixing double tents on a single roof. This tent can also be carried on the smallest vehicles and get four places or eight places on big cars. This provides two completely separate bedrooms. It is the best choice for lovers of adventure.


autohome overcamp roof top tent



The overland comes in attractive colours and a great style for adventure travellers. Just like the other varieties of Autohome roof tents, Overland contains the modern and fashionable Automatic Ladder Security System (ALSS). This means that it can be used in any environment, counting the slippery tarmac, with utmost stability. Its modern design that is characterized by its fabrics guarantees outstanding ventilation. This roof top tent is waterproof, thus ideal, especially for harsh outdoor use. It comes in three combinations of colours: the Bordeaux Model in Grey and Burgundy, the Carbon Model, is Grey and Anthracite, as well as the Safari Model in Grey and Beige (Sand). The overland tent is a roof tent perfect for any adventure.


Autohome Overland rood top tent


Air-Camping comes fitted with wind -resistant windows that are ideal for quiet nights. It is opened very easily from the inside of the tent, and it has a fabric roof with a mid-grey colour and side panels of dark blue. The tent has yellow mosquito net protection. Buying an Air-Camping roof tent offers you an assured access of over 50 years’ experience of using it in glaciers, desert, and jungle, where every one of its parts has been tested in harsh conditions. There is no marketing strategy needed, just a proof of a long-lasting history of surviving out in the field. Air-Camping offers a thrilling adventure that you will enjoy to the fullest.


Autohome Air-Camping


  • These tents guarantee an eco-friendly experience because they have all the necessary elements so as to offer all the comfort you need out there.
  • The capacious top roof tent, as well as the well-placed air vents, means that enough air naturally flows hence cooling the tent.
  • The roof keeps things cooler, thus guaranteeing a real co-experience which is cool and comfortable. It means that you will not compromise your comfort out there.
  • Although embracing the wonders of nature is a part of the eco experience, you won’t worry about insects thanks to the durable windows and doors. You will be safe from them since they will be where they belong
  • These eco-friendly tents offer facilities of a five-star hotel out there in nature. They have eco structures built with en-suite washrooms with a shower, a basin in addition to a flush toilet with complete fixed plumbing.
  • The procedures and the elements in the whole setup have been done with the utmost operational efficiency. The main factor in the design arrangement is that the tents are kind to the environment.


Autohome – Made in Italy lifestyle philosophy